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I get asked for restaurant recommendations all the time. Can I start making money from my restaurant recommendations?

Yes. If you recommend restaurants to travelers, you can make money using It is 100% free for you to try. Sign-up in two minutes and we’ll create a starter MyDiningList for you by adding the best restaurants in your area. You can add, delete or personalize restaurants on your list anytime.

After that, when guests ask you for your restaurant recommendations, point them to your own MyDiningList. Whenever your travelers go to one of your restaurants, they just upload a picture of their bill and you get 10% of that amount as your earnings.

How do I make money? will pay you 10% of the pre-tax, pre-tip total your traveler spends at participating restaurants when you refer a customer. The more travelers you refer to restaurants on your list, the more money you make! There is no limit. We do request verification of their referral by asking the traveler to upload a photo of their bill. That also allows us to calculate exactly how much you get for the referral.

When and how do I get paid?

When you register, you choose your payment method, via: PayPal, Stripe or by mailed check (mailings require a $50 minimum earnings). We send your payments on the 15th of the month following your earnings.

Who can sign-up to make money using

We are currently only accepting travel industry concierges by invite. Come back frequently to see when we open sign-up to all travel workers. However, in general, our most successful money-makers are rideshare drivers (Uber, Lyft, Didi, Ola, etc), taxi drivers, hotel staffers, tour guides, and rental hosts. Travelers frequently ask those local travel workers about great places to eat. Restaurants are willing to pay for traveler referrals to their restaurant.

Can I choose what restaurants to recommend

Yes. You can delete, edit or add any restaurants to your list at any time. Better yet, when you start MyDiningList will automatically create a starter list for you. However, it is your list. You can delete any restaurant and it will never be shown on your list again. If you add a restaurant to your list, we will invite the restaurant to register. We will show the restaurant on your list only after they have registered. Registration is free for restaurants. MyDiningList does reserves the right to remove or add any other restaurants to your list as well.

Does it cost anything for me or my travelers to use

No. MyDiningList is free for anyone who recommends restaurants and it is 100% free for consumer/travelers. Restaurants are the only party that pay to use

How can I make $10 for every driver/hotel staffer/tour guide and rental host I get to sign-up?

We are currently only accepting travel industry concierges by invite. Come back frequently to see when we open sign-up to all travel workers. Then when you register, we’ll send you a referral code. Share that with any other local travel expert in your area. After they sign-up using your referral code and after they have generated 3 uploaded traveler restaurant checks/bills, we pay you $10. NOTE: Your referrals must register using a list within the same area as your list.

How do I start?

We are currently only accepting travel industry concierges by invite. Come back frequently to see when we open sign-up to all travel workers. When we open registration, it takes only 2 minutes to sign-up. Create your account and we’ll create a starter list for you. You can then add, delete or edit restaurants for your list. That’s it. You can then instantly use your list to make restaurant recommendations to your travelers.

How do I get my travelers to use

When travelers ask you for restaurant recommendations, tell them to go to your unique page. That’s it. We send you marketing materials to encourage your travelers to go to your MyDiningList. See below:

Ride-share and Taxi Drivers: Rideshare and taxi drivers print-out a poster we create for you and attach it to the back of the driver or passenger front-seat so your travelers can view your list:

Hotel staffers and Rental Hosts get a sheet to print-out for their hotel guests

Tour guides get a sheet to print and show/share with tour members:

Is an app?

No, is NOT an app. Each MyDiningList is a unique, location-aware web page just for one local expert. When someone goes to the web-page, it automatically opens to show the best, closest restaurants on the list. Any person with a smartphone can open any MyDiningList page anywhere in the world and see locally recommended restaurants. is designed to be fast, easy and traveler-friendly.

How does help my restaurant get new, full-paying travelers?

Getting travelers is crucial to the survival of every restaurant. Travelers will pay full price and often reserve tables for larger parties. Restaurant industry statistics show 1 in 4 daily restaurant customers are travelers. Those travelers pay about $1 in food costs for every $1 they spend in lodging. Put simply: Restaurants cannot survive without serving the traveler market!

But, how do you get profitable travelers into your restaurant? Remember the old hotel concierge? Since travelers are around for a short time, they would ask their hotel concierge for great restaurant suggestions.

Unfortunately, most hotels no longer offer concierge services. Instead travelers turn to their Uber/rideshare driver, taxi driver, hotel staffer, tour guide, or AirBnB rental host for restaurant suggestions. Those local travel industry concierges use to recommend restaurants

If I get an invite, what do I do to start?

Restaurants can only participate by invitation. We send invite codes via snail mail to a restaurant’s location. If you get an invite code, it means you are a great restaurant that a local travel industry concierge or MyDiningList staff believes is worth recommending to travelers. Just take your invite code and go to to register. It is free to register and takes only five minutes.

Immediately upon registering, your restaurant gets added to all the existing travel industry concierge MyDiningLists in your area. When a new travel industry concierge creates a list, you get added to it automatically. Registration is critical. If you don’t register, you won’t be on any MyDiningList. Please note that any travel industry concierge can remove any restaurant from their list at any time.

Do I only pay for proven sales?

Yes. We know restaurants will only pay for proven sales so charges you only for 100% proven sales. We even send you picture proof of a sale BEFORE we bill you. We prove that with a picture of the traveler’s bill/receipt. See the invoice image below.

How is MyDiningList different from other restaurant marketing programs?

No other restaurant marketing program offers our level of 100% proven results to restaurants. Nothing beats photo proof of a sale.

Second, no marketing is better than the personal recommendation of your restaurant by a trusted travel industry concierge like our Uber/Lyft drivers, taxi drivers, hotel staffers, tour guides and rental hosts. Travelers trust the restaurant recommendations of those workers!

Finally, our technology ensures you only pay for the very first time each travel industry concierge refers a traveler to your restaurant. We won’t charge you for repeat referrals from the same travel industry concierge. There is simply no better marketing program for restaurants than

How do I get billed?

Start for free by registering your restaurant. Once a month we will send you an email invoice showing every 100%-proven traveler referral. We include a photo of each referral. We calculate the pre-tax, pre-tip total based on each bill and charge you 20% of that amount for our service.

We split the fees you pay us with the travel industry concierge who made your referral. There are no long term contracts. You can cancel at any time and we’ll any further travel industry concierge referrals will stop.

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