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How can I make money sharing restaurant recommendations to travelers?

Remember hotel concierges? Guests would ask their hotel concierge for restaurant recommendations. The concierge would send the guest to a great local restaurant and, in return, that restaurant would give the concierge a modest referral tip as a thank you. updates this tradition for travelers and extends it beyond concierges to include travel industry influencers like rideshare drivers (Uber, Lyft, Didi, Ola, etc), taxi drivers, other hotel staffers, tour guides, and rental hosts.

If you are a travel industry influencer, sign-up to create your own MyDiningList in about two minutes and you can start making money for recommending restaurants.

When you start, we’ll create a starter list for you. You can add, delete or edit any restaurant you want on your list. After that, the next time someone asks you for your restaurant recommendations, point them to your own MyDiningList.

Whenever a qualified traveler views your list and clicks a link to launch map directions or clicks to call one of your recommended restaurants, you get paid by

How does work?

MyDiningList will create the perfect restaurant list for your rental location. Your online list will include everything your guests expect: Photos, hours, prices, map directions and more. You can always add your own favorite restaurants easily. See sample.

You can share your list with guests by sending them a link via email or text message. Your list is also location-aware. Guests opening their phones to while inside your rental unit will instantly see your list of great nearby restaurants. Guests love it!

How much do I get paid? will pay you for every qualified traveler click on your own MyDiningList. The more qualified travelers click on your list each month, the more money you can make. Amount varies by country, check-out listing for USA below:

  • 1-25 qualified clicks/mth - $1/click
  • 26-50 qualified clicks/mth - $2.25/click
  • 51+ qualified clicks/mth - $3.50/click

A qualified click means a click from a valid first-time traveler who clicks to either call a restaurant or launch map directions to any restaurant on your list. Clicks only count once. Multiple clicks from the same traveler to the same restaurant do not earn additional payments.

You can also get paid $10 by referring someone who signs-up and uses to make restaurant recommendations to their travelers. Finally, you can earn $100 simply by dropping off a letter to restaurants who register on More details below on those ways to make even more money.

Can I choose what restaurants to recommend?

Yes, but we know you are busy so when you start, MyDiningList will create a starter list to get you started quickly. We add only the best restaurants in your area to your starter list. You will also have the option to let MyDiningList automatically add restaurants to your list over time. We will only add additional restaurants that are both highly rated and agree to pay a modest fee for your referrals. You can always delete, edit or add any restaurant to your list at any time. does reserve the right to automatically remove any restaurant that does not register or declines to pay for referrals.

Does it cost anything for me to use MyDiningList?

No. MyDiningList is free for anyone who recommends restaurants.

How can I make $10 for referring other drivers/hotel staffers/tour guides or rental hosts to

After you register, we’ll send you a personal referral code. Share your code with any local travel expert (influencer) in your area. If they sign-up and create their own MyDiningList using your referral code, after they generate ten qualified traveler clicks to restaurants on their own MyDiningList, we pay you $10. NOTE: Your referrals must create their list within the same 20-mile radius of the address you registered with.

How can I make $100 dropping off letters at restaurants?

You can earn $100 by dropping off letters at restaurants in your area if those restaurant register using your unique code. When you start with, we email you ten letters to print-out and drop off at ten restaurants on your list. These ten letter drop-offs are a requirement to start with MyDiningList. Plan on spending about 1.5 hours dropping them off sometime after you start.

Each letter will have a unique code tied to you. All you have to do to start is drop-off your ten letters at the designated restaurants. The restaurant can choose to sign-up using your code from your letters. If a restaurant does, you get paid $100.

Any time a restaurant registers for free using your code, we do verify/validate their registered account. Once we do, we send you $100 in your next monthly payment.

Please note: Depending on how many other drivers/hotel staff/rental hosts, etc, sign-up near you, others may also be dropping off their letters at the same restaurant. Only one $100 bonus payment is paid for a restaurant and it goes to the person whose code was used during the restaurant’s initial registration.

How do I start?

Not available yet*

Go here to register. It takes about 2 minutes. Create your own account and we’ll create a starter list for you. You can then add, delete or edit restaurants to your list. Here’s an example of a list:

Note: We make it easy for you to add, delete or edit any restaurant on your list. If you add a restaurant, MyDiningList will also automatically add that restaurant’s photos, hours, prices, map directions and more, for you. You can delete a restaurant in one click. You can also optionally edit and personalize each restaurant by adding your own 1-5 star rating, suggesting items to order, adding any notes that might be helpful, etc.

Once I have my list, how do I get my travelers to view and click on my own MyDiningList?

Simply tell your traveler to go to your own page.
We’ll also email you some print-outs, like those below, to help you get travelers clicking your list.

Rideshare and Taxi Drivers: most rideshare and taxi drivers print out the page we email and then attach it to the back of their driver or passenger front-seat to get more traveler clicks.

We send hotel staffers and rental hosts an email with a sheet to print-out and share with their guests.

Tour guides also get emailed a sheet to print and show/share with their tour members.

Is an app?

No, is NOT an app. Each MyDiningList is a unique, location-aware web page just for one local expert. When someone goes to the web-page, it automatically opens to show the best, closest restaurants on the list. Any person with a smartphone can open any MyDiningList page anywhere in the world and see locally recommended restaurants. is designed to be fast, easy and traveler-friendly.

Will my travelers like MyDiningList?

Your travelers will love MyDiningList. MyDiningList offers the best local restaurant recommendations no matter where you are around the globe. Guests open their phones to your own MyDiningList, see your nearby recommendations and they can click to call or get instant map directions right to your recommended restaurant – and you get paid when they do!

Other online restaurant recommendation services expect travelers to read long reviews or page through years of good and bad traveler reviews. Not with We only include great restaurants (roughly the top 5% in an area). Our user-experience is simple, clean and fast. We designed our service to help travelers find great local restaurants near them. We do that faster and better than any other service out there.

What counts as a click referral?

Click referrals must be valid travelers who are legitimately searching for a restaurant. At a minimum, we only pay for guest clicks to call a participating restaurant or clicks to launch map directions to a participating restaurant.

MyDiningList undertakes significant checks and validation steps to ensure we pay only for valid traveler referrals. For instance, we only track the first traveler click on a participating restaurant’s phone number or map directions. We do not pay for multiple clicks from the same traveler to the same restaurant. Our determinations of what constitutes a valid click is the final say and is not subject to appeal. Further, if we believe clicks are malicious, inappropriate or simply being made to drive-up click earnings, we suspend accounts at our discretion.

When do I get paid?

You will get paid on the 15th of the following month for your monthly valid clicks.
Your monthly payment will also include any $10 referral sign-up fees or any $100 restaurant registration bonus.

How does help my restaurant get new, full-paying travelers?

Travelers primarily find your restaurant by asking local experts for their restaurant suggestions. Travelers go where locals suggest. So, if you want to reach more travelers, first reach local experts.

Who are these local experts? They are Uber/rideshare drivers, taxi drivers, hotel staff, tour guides, and overnight rental hosts. They use to make restaurant recommendations to travelers. You only get on a local’s MyDiningList if you are one of the top 5% of restaurants in your area.

Once added, you do have to register to stay on a list. There’s an even better reason to register: You will be automatically added to every other local expert’s MyDiningList in your area. We can add you, but local experts can remove you from their list anytime. Tap into this amazing network of locals to get more travelers into your restaurant.

Can prove that travelers go into my restaurant?

We only count travelers who physically go to a restaurant or call for take-out, delivery or reservations. We do not violate a customer’s privacy by tracking their physical locations. Instead we track when travelers click to call your restaurant or when travelers click to launch map directions to your restaurant.

There is simply no better way to prove travelers have chosen your restaurant.

We know there are some restaurants who may not be convinced that a click to call your restaurant or a click to launch map directions is enough proof that a customer came into your restaurant. We accept that we can’t please every restaurant owner. But, if a restaurant sincerely wants to grow their traveler business, there is simply no better way to do that than through

Do I control my monthly budget?

Yes. You set a limit for the number of proven new travelers you want sent to your restaurant each month. Ten is the minimum.

How is MyDiningList different from other restaurant marketing programs?

No other guest referral program offers MyDiningList’s level of proven results to restaurants. Moreover, nothing beats the personal recommendation of a trusted influencer like an Uber/Lyft driver, taxi driver, hotel staffer, tour guide or rental host. And no other marketing is this targeted at the lowest price possible.

Stop paying pay-per-click fees when anyone just clicks any link online. If you only want to pay for proven results, for highly targeted travelers, who come with a personal recommendation, only can deliver that to you.

After I register, is my restaurant automatically added to the recommended list of all local experts in my area?

Yes. After you register, and for as long as you stay active in, we will automatically add your restaurant to every local experts list and to the lists of all future experts who sign-up. It is important that we tell you that while we will add your restaurant to every local expert’s list, any local expert can remove your restaurant anytime they wish for any reason they wish.

Can my restaurant be removed from lists?

Yes, under three circumstances. First, any local expert can remove your restaurant from their list, at any time, for any reason. Second, we invite restaurants to register by a specific date. If the restaurant does not register by that date, the restaurant is removed from all lists automatically. Finally, if you choose to stop paying for click fees at any time, your restaurant is removed from every list automatically.

How does the billing work?

You start for free by registering your restaurant. We do not ask for, or require, a credit card at sign-up. You will set the maximum number of travelers you want sent to your restaurant each month (10 is the minimum) Sign-up takes 2 minutes. After your first month on the service, you will receive an email report showing every proven click to launch map directions to your restaurant, or clicks to call you for reservations, take-out or delivery (if applicable).

The email report will include an invoice showing you the total cost of your first month’s referrals along with a report of all referrals. Each proven click to launch your map directions or clicks to call you for reservations, take-out or delivery (if applicable) cost you $4.25 in the USA and other first world countries. 2nd and 3rd tier countries have lower cost-per-click costs. No matter where you are located, if you are not 100% satisfied with the results you see in your first month, don’t pay the invoice and we’ll simply remove your restaurant from the service and make referrals to other nearby restaurants.

If you ARE fully satisfied with the proven results you get, add a credit card to pay for your referrals and future referrals, then set your monthly maximum spending cap and you will continue getting traveler referrals from MyDiningList.

Remember: You can cancel at any time and your restaurant will be removed from the service. If you wish to re-start at a later date, email [email protected] There is a $100 fee to re-start your service. To re-start, you will need to add your credit card, pay the $100 fee and pay any outstanding past unpaid referrals. That will bring your account up-to date and you can once again begin getting new traveler referrals.

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